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Another quick doodle I did a bit ago and decided to quickly color!
Not very good but oh well, wanted to post it anyway!
Yet another petstuck Karkat doodle! He's just so cute and fun to draw! And I honestly really like how this one came out! It's kind of adorable!~
I was asked to draw Dirk wearing a Rainbow Dash kigurumi and though i'm very late on finishing it here it is!
It's not the best thing i've ever drawn but it amuses me! x3
In my Tomodachi life game Dave asked for a new hat so I gave him a bow. He really wasn’t impressed.
But he’s still wearing it!


Koji45's Profile Picture
United States
Hellooo! I am Koji45, real name is Emil, but I don't realy care what you call me!
I'm a friendly person, and am always happy to talk to anyone! I just sometimes don't have a lot of time to be online cause i have two jobs that take up most of my free time!
I'll admit, sometimes it takes me a while to reply to people, but I do eventually reply to most!
I kinda fail at commenting as well. Like, i'll wait till there's a build up of deviations, then go in and leave a crap ton of comments and or faves all at once! x3;;

Anywayy, I really love to RP, and am almost always willing to do an RP with anyone (don't care if I know you or not) Just one thing, i'm not very good at it! Suck at leading! |D;

And hmmm probably my two favorite things would be Homestuck and Pokemon!

Aaaand I guess that's all for now? I'm not good with these little bio things!
So the winners of my silly little Homestuck related contest have been chosen! 
The contest was basically to create a on OC who's the child of a pairing that you really love with the grand prize being a Karkat grub plushie I made who needs a good home! 

Now this was extremely difficult for me. I honestly really loved every single entry, which there weren't a lot but still, and I've probably spent way to long trying to figure out who should win and why, but after a lot of thought I think i've finally come up with the first second and third place winners! Now if you didn't win please don't think you're entry wasn't good cause believe me it was, like I said, this was extremely difficult for me! And sense there weren't a Ton of entries I will be drawing sketches of every Character that has been entered! So everyone will be getting something in the end at least!

So lets start with 3rd place shall we!
Winning 3rd place would be: DrageKonix from here on Deviantart
With their character: Dercio
Trolling prankster ! by DrageKonix
A JohnKat child, and dang do I like his design! I think he's adorable! They gave a good amount of information about him, which was fun to read! He's got a really fun personality and I kiiinda wanna hug him!

Okay Now in Second Place we have: Pixiu-Adopts from here on Deviantart as well!
With their character Evrati
Davekat child by Pixiu-Adopts
A DaveKat child!
A lot of detailed information was given on her and it was a lot of fun to read! Good and interesting personality, well thought out! I really like her!

And last but not least, our first place winner! And that would ArtStuck on the Homestuck Amino app. Or trashbagmeme on Tumblr. Who entered a DaveKat kid named Kat!
Here is a link to the tumblr post:…
Simple yet quite appealing character design and there was a lot of info that was a ton of fun to read! Lots of little details and other then some typo's well written! I just really like her! 

And now to show the other entries as well! These are not in any kind of order at all, after ordering the first, second, and third place I found no use in trying to order the rest! 

We have an entry from mewhoismyself on Tumblr!
Who entered a Davekat child named Karson 
Here is a link to the page with pics and info:…
While there wan't a ton of information to read about this character what there was was really fun! I honestly really like his character design! Simple but appealing and his personality sounds like a lot of fun! I really like him!

Also we have an entry from someone else on the Homestuck amino app! Username currently DS (though I think it was something else when they entered) Either way they entered with a EquiusxNepeta child! 
Here is the link:… (scroll down to see the full picture)
Really like her character design! I kinda want that trench coat honestly! And she was definitely fun to read about! Seems like a pretty fun personality! I'd totally hang out with her if she was a real person!

And we also have an entry from KuranaMinamino from here on Deviantart!
Shraku and Harper Maryam by KuranaMinamino
A rosemary kid! (the blond one is the one who was entered) 
I think he looks really cute! I really like him! And the fact that he's mute is definitely interesting! Mute characters aren't super common! Sadly there wasn't a lot of information about him to read but I enjoyed reading what there was!

And that's it! Thank you SO much everyone for entering! It was a ton of fun seeing and reading about all of your characters! 
I will be messaging the winners to work out details (shipping info for the grub or request info for second place) 
Again, thank you all so much!!
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  • Playing: Tomodachi Life
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